Prince Saud bin Naif Park activities

Prince Saud bin Naif Park activites

Prince Saud bin Naif is located in Dhahran city ,next to the Mall of Dhahran.
The park extent to10 thousand meters decorated with 120 Palm.The park is designed to contain community initiatives of volunteer teams and associations to be the starting point for events and initiatives to start serving the individual and society .Initiatives and visits of the park has varied , since the beginning of 2016 the number of visitors to the park has reached more than 40 thousand visitors and more than 180 destinations participated in the initiatives. Prince Saud bin Naif park is equipped with tools that enable people with disabilities to walk around the park easily , such as the path for blind people and panel Information in Braille and headphones that operate automatically when walking around .The walls has been decorated with meaningful phrases and noble values which was written by authentic Arabic calligraphy.