Saudi Arabia’s Physical Education and Sport for All Federation

Brief Description :

The Saudi Federation for Physical Education and Sports is the official body in charge of the activities and programs of sports and physical education. It is seeking in its current session, and through the planning and development committee, to focus on consolidation of efforts to reach the maximum of what can be achieved for the sake of upgrading physical education and sport, with a consideration of the nature of this union being a qualitative union.


  • 1. Contribute to the advancement of physical education and sports, and interest in school and university sports, and work on development to keep pace with the modern and contemporary educational trends that are consistent with the culture of Saudi society.
    2. To conduct scientific studies and research, and work to encourage and support research and translation activities that contribute to the development of physical education and sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    3. Work on raising the knowledge and professional level of physical education teachers and staff, in the field, through conferences, workshops and training courses, in cooperation and coordination with the educational and academic institutions, and related institutions.
    4. Contribute to the awareness of the importance of physical activity and sport for members of the community and urge educational and social bodies to pay attention to physical education and sport, and the definition of its health benefits.

Targeting Group :

  • All members of the community including those with special needs.

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact: