Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine

Brief Description :

SSFCM-CME are the leading medical society in providing quality e-learning education with credit CME hours from Saudi Commission of Health Specialties (SCHS).
SSFCM-CME will continue progressing in providing e-learning medical education to all interested physicians all over the word. Providing up to date knowledge and using up to date technology.
We at SSFCM-CME will provide high standard e-learning with the cooperation of distinguished consultants, using our original learning materials, concentrating on current and local health issues.


  • SSFCM-CME mission is to provide continuing medical education for all doctors interested in family and community medicine. SSFCM-CME have the following objectives:

    To provide free e-learning and free CME credit hours.
    To provide free access to distinguished consultants family and community physicians to discuss and negotiate difficult issues.
    To encourage practicing physicians to make good use of our local studies as learning material to increase doctor’s awareness about our local health situation.
    To promote physicians to concentrate on “learning” not only examination and collecting credit hours.
    To encourage “Social Learning” make learning more interactive and more enjoyable by using social media.

Targeting Group :

  • All members of society

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Initiative Impact: