Dokhala festival in Tarout

Brief Description :

Dokhala festival is a popular, cultural and heritage festival. Establishing the concepts of practical education and human development in cultural, social and health fields through the organized programs and activities during the festival.


  • To be one of the important cultural heritage and tourism festivals in the region and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    1- To celebrate Eid gatherings in an organized way.
    2- To recall the heritage of the area (Gulf countries) i.e Dokhala.
    3- To diversify the celebrations in the area residents and the neighbors
    4- Encourage and develop talented people in different aspects such as health, art and crafts.
    5- Encourage the local production of the area by supporting local production.
    6- Encourage young people to voluntary social work.
    7- Develop the individual and group work skills by involving them in different programs and activities, such as planning, organizing, management and administration.
    8- Identification of the history of the region in particular and the Kingdom in general.

Targeting Group :

  • Residents and visitors of the area

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact: