Industrial Opportunities Forum

Brief Description :

Provide unique incentives in the industrial cities, since the investor can hire industrial lands for extended periods starting from (1) SR per square meter per year, and access to financial facilities and government loans of up to 75%, and the exemption of customs machinery, equipment and raw materials used in industry, and delivery of ground in a short period from the date of submission of the application electronically through the site "cities".


  • The establishment of a strategic partnership between entrepreneurs and providers of industrial and service opportunities from the public and private sectors and supported by funding agencies, business incubators, noting that the real objective of the "cities" Through this forum, is to encourage men and entrepreneurs to establish many of the industrial and service projects, in the near future, and that several initiatives offered by "cities" including readymade model factories, and many investment incentives for promising cities.

Targeting Group :

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact:

The arrival of more than 30 industrial opportunities and services to this forum of government and private bodies, and that, God willing, will see the light when implemented by investors and entrepreneurs, which will be supported by several funding agencies for the initiative during this forum, so as to develop the industrial sector in the Kingdom and, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises.