Thawabit Project

Brief Description :

A valuable project to promote volunteer work, which contributes to the renaissance of the community and the rehabilitation and training of female volunteers through:
Training courses, workshops and meetings that enhance the educational value of knowledge and team work and charity.


  • 1. Strengthen commitment to volunteer work.
    2. Rehabilitation girls to lead volunteer projects.
    3. Encourage girls to teamwork.
    4. Produce outstanding volunteer projects.

Targeting Group :

  • College and secondary school girls.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 1385 project beneficiaries

Initiative Impact:

* Number of volunteers: 68 volunteer.
* Number of volunteer teams: 7 volunteer teams.
* The number of projects submitted by the teams: 10
* The number of beneficiaries of the projects benefiting the teams: 1385
* Number of volunteer hours: 3385 hours of voluntary