An-Najah Alumni Unit Computer lab

Brief Description :

Establishing a computer lab at the unit to train students and graduates on certain IT programs that help them in their fields of study and at work. The university was provided with Computers and other necessary equipment and programs.


  • - Hold different training workshops.

    - Present samples of video job interviews.

    - Help students in filling job application forms in order to apply for jobs online.

    - Hold meetings with students and graduates discussing important and different subjects.

    - Students can use the computers for searching and registering purposes.

    - using the computers for making self evaluation tests.

    - Use the scanner and the printer to transmit, copy and scan documents, certificates, CVs, Etc…

Targeting Group :

  • students and staff (Approx. 24000)

Beneficiaries Number:

  • Approximately 100 students per day.

Initiative Impact:

- This project offers an educational environment which empowers technical skills among students.

- It gives students particular attention for their personal technical requirements.

- Expose students to number of IT programs and new innovative skills.

- Provides students with programs that are recommended by the institutions and job market.

- provide an interactive environment between students let them cooperate and exchange their knowledge which helps in field scientific projects.

- It gives a free learning space to encourage student to interact with the classmates from other fields.