The Arab Education Forum

Brief Description :

A non-governmental, not-profit organization active in the Arab World in the field of community and youth work.
The mission of AEF is to contribute to an Arab cultural regeneration project that springs out of the inherent knowledge and experiences within the Arab societies.
AEF constantly attempts to develop a shared vision related to learning in the Arab world; a vision that springs out of authentic initiatives which start with and build on what people do and what culture has.
It starts with the premise that people are builders of meaning, understanding, knowledge, cultural expressions and social groups.


  • 1- The Arab Education Forum makes a clear distinction between education and learning, and has an evident bias towards learning as the essence and spirit of life.
    2- Strategies:
    ◘ Discovery of inspiring initiatives.
    ◘ Encouraging and increasing opportunities.
    ◘ Provide opportunities for mature initiatives to transfer their experience and story to the younger generation.

    ◘ Gathering and making available information about initiatives to inspire innovation.

    ◘ Studying the process of innovation and dissemination

Targeting Group :

  • Arab youth

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Initiative Impact: