Second Spring Festival of Jubail

Brief Description :

A heritage tourism festival where people of Jubail revive many wishes and events.


  • 1. Open the field for productive families to showcase and sell their products.
    2. Definition of a new generation of much folklore.
    3. The definition of the old character of the region.
    4. Open the door to a new kind of entertainment to the people of the region.

Targeting Group :

  • People of Jubail

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 300,637

Initiative Impact:

1. Increase many households of producing families’ income.
2. Many of the residents of Jubail found it to be upscale place useful for hiking and recreation.
3. Many of the young people of the new generation got to know the regions old crafts.
4. Visitors to the festival honored the legacy of the region.