Dhahran Ahliyya Schools

Brief Description :

Bi-lingual non-profit private school established in 1977.

Inspired by the principles of Islam, the mission of Dhahran Ahliyya Schools is:

First: To empower each student to be a compassionate, thinking, lifelong bi-lingual learner, who makes a positive difference locally and globally.

Second: to participate in the development of education in the Arab World

Vision: We strive to be a pioneering learning community that fosters collaboration, persists in continuous inquiry and development, and utilizes current research and technology in the service of improving student learning.


  • DAS students will learn to become:
    • Principled, faithful Muslims
    • Thinking persons who love learning and interact positively with the changing world.
    • Open-minded persons who care about others
    • Successful people who contribute to the development of society

Targeting Group :

  • • Students in all grade levels, both male and female.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 1954 students in the 2013/2014 school year

Initiative Impact:

More than 98% of DAS alumni have been accepted to prestigious universities around the world, and some followed with their higher education in universities like M.I.T, Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge, and all of our alumni are productive influential individuals in their communities.