The Education Book House

Brief Description :

Help support the development of education in the Arab countries by providing books and educational materials of high quality for teachers and students.


  • 1. Dhahran Ahliyya schools (translation of educational materials that are used in the educational development of their staff)
    2. Participate in the development of education in the Arab world (the second part of the message of our schools)

Targeting Group :

  • Our schools; Ministries of Education; centers of educational supervision; Centers for Educational Development; colleges of education

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact:

-Translations for about 20 foreign publishing houses.
-Provides several private schools in the area with children’s literature from other publishers.
-Provides private schools adopting the ISS, WLI Arabic curriculum with children’s literature on which the curriculum is based (Qatar, UAE; Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Bahrain).
-Organizes an annual Book Fair for children’s literature (K-12).
• 8th Fair this year: April 6-17, 2014
• 30 Publishers (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, U.A.E, Kuwait, Iraq, Sweden)
6500 les, 250.000 books.