Harf Alwahi

Brief Description :

We travel around together on a trip to write about the history and evolution of the Quran writing and methods with its different calligraphy styles, shapes and lines.
Leading us on this month long trip the most famous calligraphers and researchers.


  • 1. Shed more light on this immortal art
    2. Demonstrate the way the painting industry interdependence between the spiritual and calligrapher portrait
    3. Conjure and stopovers on what it did for our predecessors and emulate lessons from them.
    4. Review of some of the works of visual art.

Targeting Group :

  • Artists, intellectuals and interested members of both sexes

Beneficiaries Number:

  • Nearly 60 people

Initiative Impact:

1. There is considerable interest in recent times in this beautiful from practitioners to those interested in its sculptors and graphic designers and this variation was evident from the different disciplines and ages of the audience.
2. This diversity reassures us that this beautiful art is immortal and incorruptible and will never be forgotten.
3. Many were asking about activities ... others were amused by the information that they received during these three nights.
4. This initiative was a brick foundation to keep this great form of art.