Comprehensive path for the blind project

Brief Description :

Prepare the path for the blind to give them the freedom of movement in the whole Prince Saud bin Naif park without the need of any help, by planting sleek rods on the floor of the parks paths and promote it with a panel in Braille at the park entrance as well as translation of the phrases that cover the walls of the park to audio clips enabling the blind to enjoy listening to what is written.


  • 1. Appreciating the blind as part of the society that needs to be catered to.
    2. Provide a safe and practical place for the blind to navigate in comfortably and safely.
    3. Creating an inspiring model for companies to follow in the footsteps of such initiatives.

Targeting Group :

  • The blind society in the eastern province

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 5000

Initiative Impact:

• This part of our community senses that we appreciate and care about them and their needs.
• Increase the places that cater to this part of our society.
• Create a kind of awareness among members of the community about the importance of appreciating the blind in particular and people with special needs in general.