Al-Ahilla Initiative for health specialties staff.

Brief Description :

Our Mission:
"Medical Educational Incubator for creating ambassadors of the medical staff that add Excellence to the medical community".

Its mission is centered on the following parameters for staff of the Health Specialties:
• Environment: Medical Incubator.
• Climate: Educational.
• Challenge: Creation.
• Outcome: Ambassadors of the medical staff.
• Credibility: Adding Excellence.
• Witnesses: Medical community.


  • The initiative's goals:
    • Achieving the human specialized integrity and perfection through the adoption of tools that motivate the triad of human element; physically, spiritually and mentally in the program's members of health providers.
    • Production of health specialties staff that adds excellence to the medical community through the initiative's distinctive periodic activities that ensure the initiative's mission.
    • Contributing through the graduation of ambassadors of the medical staff that target excellence through the religious and global standards.
    • Ensuring the graduation of health personnel whom represent a whole "project" by themselves individually.
    • Achieving the nature of singularity through a guaranteeing trait of holistic approach.

Targeting Group :

  • Health Specialties Staff

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 50 Participants

Initiative Impact: