ALTURKI Job Placement Training Program

Brief Description :

In March 2013, EFE|Egypt launched the ALTURKI Job Placement Training.


  • 1. Provide 80 unemployed Egyptian youth with access to high-quality, market-driven training programs and the skills necessary for entry into the private sector labor market.

    2. Support local Small and Medium Enterprises.

    3. Inspire a positive transformation in the life outlook of youth.

Targeting Group :

  • 1. Priority was given to pre-family stage youth form socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.
    2. Youth who have been unable to tap into mainstream employment programs, other social services, or the workforce on their own.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 82 Egyptian youth graduated from the two-month job placement training program.

Initiative Impact:

1. 60 graduates (73 percent) were placed in full-time formal jobs within three months of graduation.
2. 52 graduates (60 percent) were young women.