A center for building productive families “Jana”

Brief Description :

A socio-economic project which offers micro-lending services for females who want to be productive.
The project aims to create a culture of productivity and prevent poverty in society, as well.


  • 1- Getting families receiving aid off of welfare and helping them become productive families providing a decent life for themselves.

    2- Providing self-employment opportunities for women and empowering them by supporting their role in the family and society.

    3- Positive impact on health and education for family members and establish a culture of work and production, and the principle of self-reliance

    And to realize the center’s message of development the center provides a variety of services to customers, including:

    1. Access to the client's house and speed of service.
    2. Provide good refundable loans and provide consulting services.
    3. simplification of procedures and excellence in performance
    4. periodic visits to clients

Targeting Group :

  • Women

    Why women?
    • empower women and strengthen their role within the family and society.
    • Lack of employment opportunities available to women.
    • Women are sometimes the only breadwinner for their families.
    • Lack of lending sources that serve this segment of society.
    • The craftsmanship skills of women.
    • Taking into account the specificity of women's work at home given the Kingdom’s social environment.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • The Center for building productive families gathered 23168 loans in the amount of $ 83,295,300 million so far and is seeking to provide 11900 over the next year.

Initiative Impact:

Giving women the skills and production tools to achieve the overall objective of the project which is the empowerment of women in society, economically and socially through the Center's branches in the Kingdom:

1- Dammam
2- Khobar
3- Al-Ahsaa
4- Hail
5- Jazan
6- Al-Qassim
7- Arar
8- Al-Jouf
9- Makkah