Madrasati Palestine (“my school” in Arabic)

Brief Description :

Madrasati Palestine led by Queen Rania, a holistic education program aimed at rejuvenating and creating quality learning environments

Focus on:
1-School infrastructure rehabilitation
2-Educational program
3-Community outreach


  • • Enhance the role of the student as an effective member within his/ her community and motivate and build the capacity of the teachers and the administrative team in the schools
    • Rehabilitation of school infrastructure

Targeting Group :

  • • Students from age of 6 to 18
    • Academic staff
    • Volunteers

Beneficiaries Number:

  • • Over 20 schools.
    • Over 6000 students in 22 schools
    • Over 120 teachers in 22 schools
    • 22 principal
    • Over 40 volunteers from the various sectors

Initiative Impact:

• Teachers’ training program conducted by the Queen Rania Training Academy (QRTA).
• Create five networks of teachers in four main subjects; Arabic, English math and science and technology.
• Training program integrating ICT into education conducted by the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI).
• Initiated an after school program turning the schools into a more community attractive environment.