Improving the Livelihoods of Palestinian Youth: Job Placement and Training Programs

Brief Description :

Training program based on comprehensive market assessments and private sector feedback.
PEFE delivers a three-part training program which empowers youth with both the confidence and the skills necessary to secure their first job.


  • Provide Palestinian youth with economic opportunities by giving them the skills to succeed in the job market, launch careers, and build better future.
    Provide alumni with ongoing support and engage them in activities to encourage them to be civically engaged, active members of their community.

Targeting Group :

  • Unemployed youth (18-26 years) from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • ALTURKI supported training the 50 youth in finance, banking and marketing and soft skills and placed over 67% of graduates into jobs.

Initiative Impact:

The graduates are working primarily in the private sector actively engaged in PEFE’s alumni network, eager to give back and share their experiences with unemployed youth throughout Palestine and continue to develop professionally in their newfound careers.