Crossway Foundation Founding Champion

Brief Description :

Since receiving the donation from Alturki in 2011, the organization has been successfully registered as a charity in England and Wales, and established an active Board of Trustees. In 2013, the organization relocated to premises within Edge of Arabia’s Gallery in London from which it works on a day-to-day basis.

Crossway Foundation has delivered a public program of events and an artist residency program, as well as running the ‘Create & Inspire’ initiative to identify talented young artists in the UK and the Gulf.


  • Our objectives are:
    • To promote educational and artistic dialogue, cultural relationships and understanding of different cultures; in particular between the Middle East and UK
    • To contribute to developing arts education and creative entrepreneurship in the Middle East, the UK, and internationally
    • To support a new generation of artists and social entrepreneurs and to encourage them to make a positive impact on both their own society and the broader international community
    • To create both physical spaces and virtual platforms through which young people can voice their opinions, develop their ideas and connect with one another
    • To make a positive and sustainable contribution to UK/Middle East international relations

Targeting Group :

  • • 16-25 year old creative individuals in the Middle East and the UK
    • International creative wanting to inspired and learn more about creativity in the Middle East
    • General public interested in attending our London-based events

Beneficiaries Number:

  • Through our ‘Create & Inspire’ initiative, we identify 10-12 aspiring artists, photographers, filmmakers and designers on an annual basis.

    Through our public program of events and both in the UK and the Middle East we reach audiences of approximately 1000+ per year.

    • Social Media followers

Initiative Impact:

• Promoting creativity as a vocational skill and economic opportunity especially in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UK
• Motivating and encouraging 1000+ young people per year to realize their creative potential.
• Recognizing and supporting the next generation of Middle East and UK artists
• Generating positive press coverage in the Middle East and the UK increasing tolerance and understanding of each other’s cultures
• Providing a creative platform for young people from the Middle East and UK to discuss the challenges of the future and explore positive solutions