Mentor Arabia Drug Prevention

Brief Description :

Mentor Arabia’s mission focuses on seeking documented and accurate information and knowledge, while providing what is missing, as well as the publication and dissemination of projects, experiments and successful Arab and global initiatives, especially those that have managed to stop the spread of drugs among children and youth.

We envision a drug-free Arab world where children and youth are given the opportunities to lead healthy lives. This is the vision that reflects Mentor Arabia’s commitment towards bringing about serious change in the culture of drug use, and establishing a culture of prevention to ensure a safe and healthy life for our children and youth.


  • Building the capacity and skills of the Foundation’s various target groups

    Supporting and/or contributing to the preparation of national and regional policies specialized in areas of prevention

    Promoting youth participation in all areas of prevention

    Strengthening education and awareness through media

    Closer coordination between partners, both in the Arab world and internationally

    Establishing a culture of evaluation and quality

    Supporting good governance within the foundation

    Developing, publishing and disseminating studies and information specialized in areas of prevention

Targeting Group :

  • Children and youth of the Arab world.

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Initiative Impact: