“Arabic 21” Project

Brief Description :

"Arabic 21" project implemented by the Arab Thought Foundation with support from the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology and Saudi Aramco, a cultural project in its content, renaissance in its vision, educational in its means and tools, from which we can look forward to a future that the Arab citizen "educated for life "and contributing to science, literature, thought and arts development. This corresponds to a similar development at the level of language tools and methods of expression.
The project operates through five themes: support reading and literacy, website and social networking sites, teacher training, research, and finally the curriculum and evaluation and assessment.


  • 1. The development of the fundamentals of the nation's pride, values and identity through appropriate cultural programs.
    2. Consolidation of ideas and events, which works to renounce sectarianism, and the achievement of the nation's solidarity, and to direct their efforts to serve the Arab Higher interest.
    3. Honoring the pioneers, innovators and support, and care for the talented members of the Arab nation.
    4. The development of cultural and media, which contribute to the dissemination of the Arab Thought globally, and correct misconceptions about the Arab nation programs.

Targeting Group :

  • Children of the Arab World

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact:

• Launch “Arabic 21” website within the framework of the foundation's website.
• Provide training programs (video) for best practices in learning the Arabic language, education, geared to Arabic language teachers, in collaboration with the "Rhodes Class".
•Establish the award system for Arabic children’s literature under the name "My Book" award.
• Launched the "in Arabic" campaign to encourage reading in Arabic on 23 and February 24, 2012 and November 7, 2013 distributed the "My Book" award to the writers, illustrators and publishing houses during meetings for the "in Arabic" campaign.
• Publication of "21 criteria for the classification of Arabic literature, Arabic children books", which was prepared by the Technical Committee of the project.
• Issuance of quality children's literature and written stories standards of scientific literature children books developed by a regional panel of experts in the framework of the "My Book” award.
• Classification of more than 600 of the books of children's literature, according to “21 Arabic” criteria.
• Issuance of "1021 classified books for children and young Arabs guidebook." which is the first of its kind in the Arab world. 1021 classified books.