Ibtikar Club

Brief Description :

A scientific project development application that comes as one of the pillars of the social responsibility of the university in the construction and development of innovation, skills and values system that push toward "cognitive pioneering work" status within the priorities of the young that stem from the inspiring vision of Qassim University
". The project enhances the strength to build a knowledge-based national economy, which requires encouraging the emergence and adoption of cognitive entrepreneurial initiatives emanating from innovative ideas, with a clear impact locally, regionally and internationally, and the project provides opportunities to benefit from the efforts and leading cognitive successful practices, and finally enable all students at the university and youth from the region to provide ideas and initiatives to meet the needs of the local community, in accordance to the program of integrated system from the idea to the founding of the company.


  • 1. The education of young people in fields and methods of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship knowledge and help guide them to translate creative ideas into the ground according to a corporate perspective.
    2. Enhance the skills and values that develop a culture of innovation in society.
    3. Find a stimulating environment for research and innovation and investment in human resource as the head of building a knowledge society.
    4. Support the establishment of pilot projects cognitive counseling and career guidance within the “Aoun” package integrated advisory services.
    5. Attract national and global talent to build a specialized educational and professional community that recognizes the importance of knowledge as the face of economic life and contribute to the preparation of trained and qualified human resources.
    6. Support the government and strengthen the partnership channels and community awareness and building strong relationships with the university community with the parties in the areas of innovation and leadership.
    7. The establishment of knowledge pilot projects.

Targeting Group :

  • Target group are students of Qassim University, graduates, young people and all those who have entrepreneurial ideas, especially in the area and in the kingdom at a later stage.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • More than 70 thousand students

Initiative Impact:

• To contribute to the upgrading of university students and outputs.
• Contribute to building a community of creativity and innovation in the Qassim region and linking this to the economic reality.
• Building scientific knowledge base in partnership between the university and the business community for the base of qualified national cadres, who own the skills and tools of modern knowledge and can adapt to serve the development goals set up.
• Build strategic partnerships with local, regional and global institutions with broad expertise and try to build incentives and facilities encouraging innovation.
• Providing an innovative climate and seeking to attract talent from experts in this field.
• Establish emerging projects.