Natakamal Initiative

Brief Description :



  • 1. The exchange of experience between specialists
    2. The non-recurrence of initiatives and beneficiaries
    3. Select special initiatives to sponsor
    4. Raise the bar of communicating with the relevant decision makers in the region

Targeting Group :

  • 1. Corporate social responsibility managers
    2. The relevant decision makers in the region
    3. The non-profit organizations and distinct charitable entities

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 1-20 Managers of social responsibility
    2-12 decision makers
    3-12 non-profit entities

Initiative Impact:

1. Support some of the distinctive initiatives
2. Increased cooperation between the departments of corporate social responsibility
3. Develop the social responsibility departments of some companies
4. Increase cooperation between companies of the decision making sectors in the region in terms of social initiatives