Grey Borders/Grey Frontier

Brief Description :

On the occasion of the 6th Berlin Biennale, Edge of Arabia launched Grey Borders/Grey Frontiers, the first exhibition of contemporary art from Saudi Arabia ever held in Germany. Showing at The Vinyl Factory Gallery, Torstraße 1, and curated by Dubai-based Rami Farook.


  • - commenting on current affairs in a socio-political show way

    -documenting and discussing the state of the world today by twelve artists, ranging in age from 20 to 50s

Targeting Group :

  • International audience in Germany, including museum curators, collectors, journalists, artists, politicians and the general public.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • • Attracted over 6,000 visitors for the duration of the exhibition.
    • Attracted over 600 people to the private view, including museum curators, collectors, journalists, artists and politicians
    • Was advertised across Berlin through billboard posters, flyers, postcards and an online marketing campaign seen by an estimated 500,000 people.

Initiative Impact:

The Exhibition impact:
• Heralded as Edge of Arabia’s most ambitious and groundbreaking exhibition to date.
• Accompanied by a one-day symposium on Saudi contemporary art at the prestigious Akademie der Künste.
• Generated significant media coverage from both local and international press.
• 17,500 A5 flyers in 7 different designs were provided to over 150 of Berlin’s museums, cultural institutions and universities.
• A listing in the Biennale Guide.
• The distribution of 2000 Save the Date Cards around Berlin at the Gallery Weekend (April 2010).
• 800 bespoke VIP Private Invitations sent out through the Edge of Arabia, Off-screen, Traffic, Abdul LatifJameel Co Ltd’s networks.
• Edge of Arabia Exhibition Guide - 1000 copies distributed to some of Berlin’s most important museums, cultural institutions and universities.
• Full coverage on the exhibition on the website and in media outlets.