1st tech challenge robotics

Brief Description :

A world championship in robotics where the winners qualify to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the World Championship, which was held in the United States during the period between April-24-29 -2012 and our team has won the first tournament of the robot of this kind in the Kingdom (April 2012).


  • . Representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the tournament.
    2. Provide students with the expertise and skills acquired from this tournament.
    3. Representing Saudi Arabia in specific and Arabs and Muslims in general in this great scientific competitive field.

Targeting Group :

  • Students aged 16 to18 years.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 6 group members.

Initiative Impact:

1.Participation in many exhibitions, competitions and in the Arab Open Tournaments
2. Winning numerous awards and ranks.
3.Complete all the necessary preparations to achieve a prestigious rank among nations, this will be the first Saudi team to qualify for the FTC championship worldwide.