Alturki Group has been an AFED corporate member – national category - since 2007.

Brief Description :

Alturki Group is a corporate member in the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED). AFED’s mission is to advance prudent environmental policies and action in the Arab countries based on science and awareness.


  • - Propagating environmental awareness.

    - Bringing together those who are concerned about issues pertaining to environment and development in the Arab countries, in order to discuss regional and national problems.

    - Inciting Arab societies towards the protection of environment, the rational utilization of natural resources, and the realization of sustainable development.

Targeting Group :

  • AFED works closely with various sectors to protect the environment and promote its sustainability. Sectors primarily targeted by AFED are:
    Corporate Sector
    - Media
    - Academic & Research Institutions
    - NGOs
    - Observers (governmental and inter-governmental bodies)

Beneficiaries Number:

  • Throughout the past seven years, AFED had direct impact on the national environmental policies of several Arab governments in the region.
    The Annual report, which is the main product of AFED can be downloaded from AFED’s website:

Initiative Impact:

Mr. Rami Alturki, President of Alturki Group, being a member of AFED Board of Trustees as he joined AFED Board in 2008.

Alturki sponsoring of AFED’s “Energy Efficiency Handbook” produced in 2012.

Alturki Group, helped create the Arabic website sponsored by Dhahran Al-Ahlia Schools, which provides vital environment awareness to the students at school.

Alturki Environmental Services sponsoring in 2008 AFED’s first annual conference and reported titled: “Arab Environment: Future Challenges”.

Calling on Arab governments to take advantage of the guide and website for the dissemination of the concepts of environmental education.