Brief Description :

Eastern Province Cricket Association (EPCA) Established in 1980 to promote the game of cricket in the Eastern Province (Saudi Arabia). The sole objective of the association is to promote and popularize the game of cricket in the region by providing maximum support to local cricketers and enhancing the standards of the game at domestic level.
It is an affiliate association of Saudi Cricket Centre (SCC).


  • A - To promote, Direct, Foster, Encourage, and Improve Amateur, Recreational and Professional Cricket in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
    B - To promote interest of Saudi Nationals and expatriates for cricket.
    C - To bring together and closer the officials of all member clubs, players and cricket lovers.
    D - To arrange inter-regional matches, club tournaments, inter-schoolcompetitions and other fixtures.

Targeting Group :

  • All Corporate Industries.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • Above 1000 players each the year.

Initiative Impact: