Week without walls (WWoW)

Brief Description :

Students go through regular training activities during the previous months to the WWoW project to gain the maximum benefit from the experience ,with regard to their own learning opportunities as well as to the possibilities for helping others. The preparation and the project together is considered as learning center , bonding and increasing awareness through personal experience with issues that students may previously have studied in a theoretical way only .


  • Giving the students the opportunity to:
    1-The application of Islam religion and principles. .
    2-Adopting important qualities such as awareness of the world, critical thinking and meditation.
    3-Become more caring and more open-minded.
    4-promote many skills that we consider as an essential and integral components of our existing curriculum such as effectiveness, honesty ,balance, risk taking, collaboration and loyalty .
    5-Gain from their experience with a wider perspective of the world and a deeper understanding of significant global issues like poverty, development, health and human immigration .
    6-Service learning, working together as students, teacher, staff members, parents and community members.
    7-exploring new horizons and building something that will last for the future.

Targeting Group :

  • We are purposefully putting ourselves in practical service by communicating with people from different backgrounds and life experiences.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 1-All the 11 grade students (78 Students)
    2-Two housing improvement projects in India and Jordan.
    3- six local projects .

Initiative Impact:

1-Contributing in house construction projects for poor families.
2-Creating and improving learning and rehabilitation facilities for autism and children with cancer.
3-Improving the accommodation and living conditions for several poor families.