The Second IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference for the Arab Nations (International Association for Volunteer Effort) – Muscat, Oman – November 24-26, 2013.

Brief Description :

The Second IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference for the Arab Nations brought together leaders of volunteering from throughout the Arab region to learn, share, and network with each other and with the IAVE Board members who attended the conference. They came from universities, schools, NGOs, government agencies, and corporations and they brought with them an amazing diversity of experiences, challenges, and ideas to share.


  • • Bring together those who have expertise in volunteering and those who want to develop that expertise and/or develop volunteer initiatives in their own countries
    • Provide orientation to the scope of volunteerism, in general
    • Create a forum for people to share ideas, experiences, and expertise that can help promote volunteering in the region
    • Provide basic training on volunteerism
    • Encourage collaboration within and between countries of the region
    • Introduce participants to resources in Arabic and English, on volunteering and encourage the development of additional resources specifically in Arabic.

Targeting Group :

  • Leaders of volunteering in the Arab region, whether they themselves were volunteers or employees.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • About 300 leaders of volunteering attended the conference from 20 of the 22 Arab countries and 14 non-Arab countries from throughout the world. Over 100 of the participants were from outside Oman.

Initiative Impact:

- More than 30 additional people from the region have already become members of IAVE.

- Five new IAVE national representatives since the conference (Mauritania, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Somalia(.

-16 online discussion groups (committees) established in Arabic on topics ranging from participation in the next IAVE regional and world conferences to issues of volunteer policies, youth volunteering, corporate volunteering, and volunteerism.

- One of the conference participants has translated two issues of e-IAVE, the organization’s monthly newsletter, into Arabic, and has promised to do so each month, thus making the newsletter accessible to people in the region.