The 1st Annual end of the year celebration “Athar”

Brief Description :

Iqranivoluntary club’s goal is spreading the culture of reading through reading groups, which is the main part of the projects of our group that contains events, awareness campaigns and activities for the community.
The clubs operate to raise the level of awareness in the community where reading is an important element to increase and enrich the cultural aspect of the community to create a generation craving love of science, research and industry knowledge, and thus be of the pioneers of the world.
It is during the ceremony that we investigate the impact of seeing the clubs.


  • Honor the membersoutstanding support and efforts.
    Review the achievements of the clubs during the 2013
    Honoring the contributions of the supporting clubs
    Hosting personalities enriching the cultural side effect of “Athar”.

Targeting Group :

  • Members of Iqrani, readers and knowledge enthusiasts.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 60 attendees

Initiative Impact:

Outstanding member Prize
Best Club Prize
Best Club Manager Prize
Best Manager Prize

Hosting cultural personalities to enrich the attendance of the final ceremony

Introducing club achievements during the year 2013