King Hussein Science Garden

Brief Description :

Sheikh Khaled Al –Turkey from Saudi, kindly sponsored the King Hussein Science Garden which is a pioneering national project that allows children to observe and experiment the practical applications of complex theoretical concepts in physics, chemistry, math, information technology and other subjects. These applications are simplified and exhibited in friendly outdoor experiments that clarify these concepts, and help schoolchildren to bridge the gap between theory and field application.

The King Hussein Science Garden opened by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein in 2003 as one of the scientific ventures launched by the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education / King Hussein Foundation in Amman , Jordan.


  • - Simplified and exhibited in friendly outdoor experiments
    - Help school children to bridge the gap between theory and field application
    - Supportthe scientific development in Jordan.

Targeting Group :

  • - School Students
    - Teachers
    - Schools & Scientific Centers

Beneficiaries Number:

  • More than 70 thousand students and teachers

Initiative Impact:

- Contributed to the initiative in providing a model for the practical application of various sciences, which helped the participating students to understand the scientific laws better
- Trained many teachers and students to new areas of science.
- The initiative has helped many students to implement scientific projects.