12th Middle East & Africa Rizal Youth Inter-School Academics, Talents and Skills Competition.

Brief Description :

Our project is the Annual Inter-School Academic, Skills and Talents Competition among students of the various International Philippine Schools in the Middle East and African Region, held in the Kingdom of Bahrain due to Bahrain’s easy visa applications for children, teachers and coaches from all countries, the vast majority are from Saudi Arabia, Eastern province, Central and Western Provinces.


  • To propagate the teachings of the Philippine National Hero.
    To instill in the children the life and works of the national hero, who was a Doctor, Surgeon, Poet, Linguistic, Swordsman, Novelist,
    To instill in them pride and dignity.
    To support and enhance and uplift the education of the children.
    We do hold a General Assembly of our members in the Region during the event and also hold workshops to support them in supporting children in the region

Targeting Group :

  • All Philippine Schools in the Middle East & Africa Region

Beneficiaries Number:

  • In the past, we have gained up to 500 delegate’s attention. Of course, the participants are not the only ones who take benefit from our contest, the schoolchildren and parents across the Middle East are affected.
    In addition to our support, we will continue to follow the teachings of their national hero Dr Jose Rizal during the continued education and of course in their future lives.

Initiative Impact:

The enhancement of the education of schoolchildren.
The enhancement of teacher skills since teachers strive to instill in the children the knowledge needed to exceed all expectations.
Teach children how to compete in both a professional manner and with children who live in various other countries.