Providing a healthy, safe, and structured after-school sports programs for girls and boys that encourages positive behavioral change.

Brief Description :

PACES was founded with the primary goal of providing healthy, safe, and structured after-school sports programs for girls and boys that encourage positive behavioral change. By creating safe-havens for children to play and enjoy sports in healthy and productive environments, boys have an alternative to spending their time on the streets, exposed to extremism and violence, and girls are afforded the opportunity to get out of their homes and into programs that empower them.

We work with a large variety of sports clubs and community centres, clustered around the most impoverished communities, including refugee camps, in Palestine (including Gaza), Jordan and Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon.


  • To provide girls and boys in marginalized communities across Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon with quality sports instruction and healthy and constructive workshops after school. Our practice sessions focus on providing the children with fun and healthy alternatives to being idle on the streets, and subject to negative influences. It empowers them with skills and knowledge to make positive choices for their futures.

    We aim to deliver a program that is structured to be fun, healthy, informative, and helps build the leadership skills of the children enrolled in our programs.

Targeting Group :

  • Marginalized children 7-16 years old, as well as the coaches from the same communities.

Beneficiaries Number:

  • • 7,000 children benefiting from the training sessions
    • Approximately 636 coaches and assistant coaches

Initiative Impact:

Our program reaches some 7,000 marginalized Palestinian children from refugee camps and ostracized communities. Thus keeping them away from spending their free time outside their homes in the ghettos and being exposed to possible negative habits such as drugs etc.
Generates Youth Employment for some 636 young coaches and assistant coaches providing much needed income to their families; contributing to alleviating some of the economic burdens.
Promotes women empowerment and gender equality and so empowering them economically and socially. This has a positive effect on changing the cultural perspective of the woman’s role in our society.
Health, hygiene, environmental awareness and nutrition are topics that are incorporated into the practice sessions as well as in special event days, which are part of the core program.
Strengthen the communities in supporting their children to enroll into PACES Sports Program and supporting their local clubs that are our partners; thus providing a bond between the children, the parents and the clubs.
Implant, through sport, discipline, commitment, healthy habits, awareness and education, into our children as basic elements that will enable them to be strong proactive members of the society, as they grow older.