ITIL® Course and Earn the ITIL® Certificate

Brief Description :

• Some companies now are planning to include ITIL as a prerequisite job requirement in the IT field/IT business units.
• ITIL isrecognized as the most widely accepted De Facto standard in the IT service management.
ITIL empowers students to be market-ready, with the right skills and techniques to provide and support IT services.


  • • Deliver the most recent version of ITIL Foundation V3 course.
    • Ensure that instructor isconsidered a subject matter expert.
    • Invest in a sustainable asset, i.e. Education.
    • Equip students with solid basis of practical training in IT service management.
    • Assist attendees to take the ITIL certificate, which can raise their value in job market.
    • Enable attendees with entrepreneurial spirit to create start-ups in IT service

Targeting Group :

  • • KFUPM senior students with IT Majors
    • KFUPM junior students with IT Majors

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 20 Training Attendees 10 Management Team

Initiative Impact:

• 20 students with certified 9 contact hours in ITIL

• Over 30 hours of event management for TechBench team.

• Support students to create start-ups in IT services.