Tharawat Forum for family businesses

Brief Description :

Tharawat Family Businesses Forum is a non-profit organization working to manage a network of family-owned companies in the Arab world. Established in 2006, a cooperation between the major Arab family businesses.
The Forumis neutral with regard to politics and religion, and is funded by membership fees and advertising sponsorships.


  • 1. Establish a network of Arab family businesses
    2. Provide sources of knowledge and gather the best business practices and the development of research
    3. Encourage cooperation and provide a platform for the development of new alliances and business opportunities for the forum members
    4. focus on the challenges facing businesses in addition to the social and cultural challenges faced by companies owned and managed by families in the region
    5. Spread awareness about the important role played by family businesses in the Arab economies as well as to mobilize support for their needs and concerns.

Targeting Group :

  • Family Businesses

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