“The Self” Workshop, by Dr.Ali Abu AlHasan

Brief Description :

A workshop done by Dr.Ali Abu AlHasan to selected social entrepreneurs in the Eastern province. The interactive workshop focused on these themes:
- How to define yourself.
- How to deal with yourself.
- How to draw your “self map”.


  • - To give the participants the specialized knowledge on how to know the self and how to deal with it.
    - To build connections among the elite young social entrepreneurs

Targeting Group :

  • Selected participants in the voluntary sector

Beneficiaries Number:

  • 110 participants (males and females)

Initiative Impact:

A survey was distributed to all participants after the workshop to measure their satisfaction, and these were the results:

- Information/knowledge gained: 93.2%
- Lecturer evaluation: 95.2%
- Overall Satisfaction: 95.4%