Albir Society in Skaka

Brief Description :

The Society is a charity that helps those who deserve it: the poor and needy, orphans and poor families by provide their needs.


  • (1) Pay cash assistance to needy families including: widows / orphans / divorced women / families of prisoners / abandoned families and other people with needs who have no income or provider to take care of them.
    (2) Exchange of emergency subsidies for those affected by disasters.
    (3) The Assembly rehabilitation of families by enrolling them in training courses at its expense, in collaboration with specialized institutes.
    (4) Exchange Eid livery for widows and orphans.
    (5) Hand out two riyals per day for needy student (male and female) at schools (school feeding project)
    10% of the total students of elementary and intermediate levels.
    (6) The distribution of food and different in-kind aid to needy families every month.
    (7) The Assembly receives Zakat Alfitr each year, and distribute them to the beneficiaries in a timely manner.
    (8) The distribution of Sacrificial Meat of sacrificial animals to the needy in the region in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank within the project of Saudi Arabia to benefit from sacrificial meat.
    (9) The distribution of the gift of dates of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the needy.
    (10) Collect clean used clothing and delivering them to the needy in cooperation with the Islamic Relief Organization.
    (11) Laundry cooperation with the coffins of the dead to secure necessary.
    (12) To do some renovating for houses in dire need of restoration for the needy families from the Assembly.
    (13) Raise awareness among members of society.
    (14) The Assembly warehouse receives surplus clothing and other aids and distributes it.
    (15) Its intention to establish a center for surplus banquet food of occasion’s for preserving the food and distributing it to the needy.
    (16) The establishment of investment projects of the Association within the region.
    (17) Implement Assembly Iftar project.
    (18) Carry out a project for the rehabilitation and training.

Targeting Group :

  • Help families and care for orphans and widows, the poor and the needy.

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact:

Receive alms and donations in cash and kind, and distributed to the beneficiaries of the households benefiting from the Assembly.