Albir Society in Tabarjal

Brief Description :

The Society focused on the satisfaction of the poor and needy and raising community awareness to the right ways of acquiring their needs easily.


  • Work on the training of personnel in the branches of special education (males and females) of workers in the Assembly who are interested members of the community to raise the efficiency of scientific and professional training courses applied in the work field and scientific missions inside and outside the Kingdom, and the employment of experts and specialists to enrich the experiences of the community and raise its knowledge in vital areas, and provide the technical means aiding the process of examination, care, treatment, training and production, and to participate in the resettlement of scientific expertise and bring technical factor to citizens in their homeland.
    Receive donations, Zakat and alms.
    The distribution of cash and food resources for the needy.
    Distribution of Eid clothes and school supplies.
    Iftar project
    Renovating houses for needy families
    Receiving (Kafarat Al-yamin)
    Providing aid for divorced women and prisoners families.

Targeting Group :

  • The poor and needy of the region.

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact: