Alrahmah Medical Society

Brief Description :

This association was registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs No. (300) dated 04/30/1426 AH. It is the first charity specializing in medical fields generally in the eastern region.


  • 1 Providing medical relief and communicate with workers in the medical field.
    2 Contribute to helping the poor and needy by delivering medicine and treatment for them.
    3 Contribute to increasing health awareness and health education in the community of our country.
    4 Contribute to the call for “Da’wah” in medical circles.
    5 Reception and distributing of donations of the rich and corporate donations in cash and in-kind, to those who deserve it.
    6 Establishments communications with government and private sectors to help raise awareness of health in our society.
    7 Provision and encouragement of medical research, especially that dealing with health problems, negative phenomena suffered by the community.

Targeting Group :

  • All members of the society

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact: