Annual Charity Run in Khbar

Brief Description :

The idea of an annual charity run came about because the people of the Eastern Province are well-established in charity work and cherish their country and community. The idea was advanced into action by a number of sincere businessmen, charity donors and parents of some students. It materialized based on a professional system that depends largely on volunteers who became models of generosity, giving and the love of good deeds throughout the years of charity occasions with revenues directed to charity services for important sectors of the society that needed them.


  • - Accustoming schools, university students and employees of companies and governmental and private institutions to work together and volunteer to do good and to contribute to social activities aimed at creating a generation of young people with a high degree of physical fitness.
    - Walking and jogging improves your health.
    - Urging community members of all categories on the importance of exercise, walking and running, especially that these are sports accessible to all and can be practiced anywhere.
    - The race achieves its target of charity by annually donating all the proceeds to charities helping people with illnesses.
    - The race has recently sought to raise awareness of some of the issues that were not tackled before and promote volunteer work by establishing a website to help those wishing to volunteer to get easier access to the various volunteer opportunities for charitable associations and committees in Saudi Arabia generally
    - It’s a race that has all the activities and effectiveness in social activity contribution to occupy leisure time in useful work for the benefit of our children and our community
    - Participation in the race for the disabled is a key objective for the race organizing committee which is keen to encourage their participation every year and make them feel that they are no less important than ordinary people and working to integrate them into society through sports or other means.

Targeting Group :

  • All society members

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