Sanad Association

Brief Description :

Sanad charitable association was registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs on 1-12-1423h corresponding to 02/02/2003 AD, a non-profit charity designed to support children's cancer centers in the Kingdom, including its need of financial or in-kind resources and provide social services and accommodations for patients and their needy families after conducting a field research, in addition to the preparation of education for patients and their families about the childhood cancer and how to deal with it.


  • • Mobilize aspects of support and assistance to the Centers for Children's Cancer, in Saudi Arabia through psychological, social and financial support for children inflicted with cancer and their families; taking care of the needs of the families and securing direct services during the period of the treatment of sick children (housing - subsistence - transportation).

    • Provide training programs and awareness for cancer patients and their families about cancer and how to deal with it, and raise awareness in the community about cancer and ways to combat and prevent it.

    • Encourage and support studies and research in the field of childhood cancer.

Targeting Group :

  • Children inflicted with cancer and their families.

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Initiative Impact: