Fatat Alkhaleej Women’s Charitable Association

Brief Description :

Founded in 1388 A.H. by twenty-seven middle and elementary schoolgirls gathered by their passion to do good and help the needy, bringing about a sense of responsibility to the community around them. Their meetings were initially held in one of their homes, then it was the evolution of a small house-based association, where they began to work with the Assembly of Social Affairs until they were approved, and were able to raise money through annual subscriptions and collecting donations from philanthropists in Al-Khobar.


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Targeting Group :

Beneficiaries Number:

Initiative Impact:

Increased the number of members and developed the work of the committees in the Assembly, namely:
1. Social Committee: The committee which includes the orphan program, Iftars, meals for pilgrims and the program of (Ataa Al-Khair).
2. Cultural Religious Committee.
3. Health Committee.
4. Donations Committee.
5. Arts Committee.
6. Orphan Fostering Committee.
7. Committee of the Special Education Center for the education and rehabilitation of the disabled.